Empowering the energy transition with speed

It is our promise to customers, ourselves and the world we share

Take full control of your network

With Digpro’s GIS software for network planning and operations for fiber optic telecom and electricity, water, gas and heating utilities.

Leading technology for your industry

Digpro combines geographic information with detailed data about network infrastructures. Together with purpose-built business process support, we help our clients to take full control of their networks.

Demonstrate the value of your network with a Digital Twin


Power up your operations with dpPower, an integrated software for GIS-based planning, outage management and distribution management for electric utilities.

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"Digpro´s system has over the years made our grid planning, operations, and maintenance work more efficient and the quality of our asset data has improved."

Kristina Engström, Head of Operational IT, E.ON Sweden 

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