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Our platform - technology and architecture

Everyone benefits from relying on open, well-documented standards rather than vendor-owned technologies for data exchange. Whether trying to achieve GIS interoperability, network-model data exchange, or real-time data acquisition, Digpro solutions interoperate seamlessly with other platforms and across different IT environments and third-party applications. This support for high levels of interoperability ease real-world implementation and integration of Digpro’s platform into your enterprise environment.

Open standards

The Digpro platform is a web-based, open system built on industry-standard technology. Data models comply with OpenGIS specifications for spatial data, and follow relevant IEC specifications for network model data. The system is platform-independent and able to run on virtually any operating system, but is commonly run on both Windows and Linux systems.

Web solution

The web clients require only a standard web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer supporting HTML5 on any mobile device. The Digpro main user-interface client runs on operating system that supports Java


One of the strengths of the Digpro platform lies in its scalability. Thanks to the three-tier architecture design, the middle-logic tier is implemented on a cluster of web servers. All big-data processing is done in the database, resulting in optimal performance. No matter if a customer has only a few users or several thousands, all can simultaneously access the system. If additional user capacity is needed, the system can be effortlessly expanded by adding web servers and growing the database.


Organizations often need to integrate services and data from many different sources and in different formats. They also want to support a wide range of business processes across their organizations. Digpro is committed to the open standards and interoperability that enable this type of environment.

Digpro integrate to and support many systems

A modular set-up and high levels of interoperability ease real-world implementation and integration of Digpro’s platform into your enterprise environment.

Standard Protocols and Technologies Supported:
  • Data file formats: DGN, DXF (Drawing Exchange Format), DWG (Drawing), GSI, JPEG, KML (Keyhole Markup Language), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), PDF, RDW, Shapefile, SVG, Topocad, TAB (MapInfo), TXY, XLSX
  • Real-time data exchange (OPC-UA, ICCP*)
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standardized web services (WMS, WFS, WMTS)
  • W3C web services (SOAP)
  • Network model import/export (XML, IEC CIM)
Integrations and APIs
Digpro embraces service-oriented architecture (SOA). It implements a wide range of technologies including SOAP web services, enterprise service bus messaging, and others to integrate or exchange data and support business processes across platforms.

Typical platforms and third-party enterprise systems include:
  • Customer Information System (CIS)
  • SCADA and other real-time systems, such as ABB Network Manager, Net Control, and ABB MicroSCADA
  • ERP systems such as SAP, Maximo, and IFS Applications
  • Meter Data Management System

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