Implementing dpCom – Enefit Connect

This autumn, Magnus Berling, Partner Enablement, and Erik Saxin, GIS consultant dpCom, both from Digpro, visited Enefit Connect in Tallinn, Estonia, for a training session on dpCom. The participants were project managers, net planners and external entrepreneurs, all keen to get dpCom up and running.


Training session in Tallinn, Estonia
From the training session in Tallinn, Estonia, where Digpro’s Erik Saxin, seen to the left, and Magnus Berling, introduced keen learners from Enefit Connect to dpCom.

After the successful days in Tallinn, Kaido Tuhkur, Technical Integration Manager at Enefit Connect, visited the Digpro office in Stockholm, Sweden, to continue with the data migration. Kaido has over 23 years’ experience in the telecom industry, and has worked in various international environments, including Estonia, Sweden and the Baltics. During his time, he as seen many software systems for fiber networks.

“We ended up with the best system”, Kaido says. “During the bidding time, we looked at many, and dpCom best meet our needs.” At the current part of the implementation process, Enefit Connect focuses on collating data which is saved in various manners, for example in Excel and CAD files. All data must be migrated to dpCom. Kaido received diligent instructions from Magnus and Erik on how to best prepare it, and they have now spent a couple of days actually getting it done. “It is an extensive job”, Magnus admits. “Like a journey, but once all data is collated, it will be there, in one system, ready to work for the users and eventually for the end-customers. For now, we are enjoying the migration and learning phase, and it is a really good atmosphere. I am impressed how fast our Estonian customers develop their skills.”

“My team and I are so grateful for Magnus’ and Erik’s commitment”, Kaido confirms. “Magnus has been with us from the first demo of dpCom, back when we started to look at software systems, and here we are now – actually migrating the data. As we go along, we look at the main functions, understanding the methodology behind dpCom and the features. Together, we develop migration methods and use ETL and GIS tools, as well as dpCom’s powerful import capabilities. This to smoothly migrate the network data with ensured data quality”.


Data migration is part of setting up a new system, and dpCom has excellent support for importing data. Magnus Berling, to the left, Kaido Tuhkur, in the middle, and Erik Saxin, to the left, enjoyed a couple of days at the Digpro office in Stockholm, Sweden.


The next step of the journey is to dig deeper into the data, and learn more about what dpCom can do. As well as supporting the full lifecycle of a fiber network, dpCom also supports business processes, project management, customer communication and a host of mobile solutions for fieldwork.

Enefit Connect started its operation as part of the Enefit (Eesti Energia) group on 1 January 2021. dpCom has been part of Enefit Connect providing Estonia with superfast, optic fiber since December 2021. For further information about dpCom, please contact Joel Pirard.



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