Release 10.2

Release 10.2 promotes the advantages of a Digital Twin

Digpro continues to create digital solutions for utility networks. Release 10.2 delivers further functions and enhancement for networks who support critical infrastructure: telecom, power, water, gas and heating. Three new modules are introduced, as well as a host of features, all related to the extensive support for network lifecycle management, automated processes and business analyses.

Further support for network planning and design

The Digital Twin, which provides a digital visualization of the network, can now be even more detailed. Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management at Digpro, gives a few examples. “With Release 10.2, we enhanced capabilities for passive equipment in the network model in dpCom. This will result in improved reports, as well as better build instruction since the connection points are more detailed. We have also added smart functions to increase efficiency in designing and creating new networks. Magnus SjökvistThese are of great importance for companies who are in the beginning of their fiber rollout. Correct documentation, as well as support for when planning and designing the network, will set new companies up for a sustainable business.”

In dpPower, it is from Release 10.2 possible to get the energization status of customer meters based on the meter alarms in dpWebmap Operator. Field engineers using the module can verify that all meters in a location where there has been an outage are energized. Thus, they know when at the location whether further meters need to be energized, or if the area is back to normal again.

New modules for automated processes and business analyses

The module Process Automation supports the strategic technology known as hyper automation. It is available in Organizer. With the module, a framework to handle automated activities in a workflow is introduced. Desktop tasks that previously were handled manually can be automized. The module has two main functions. One is the workflow studio for graphic design of the workflow models. The other is an automation engine, which executes workflows.

The module Data Warehouse allows users to perform multi-dimensional business analyses. “Thus, you get business statuses”, Magnus explains. “By using a set of pre-designed data models, you get information about outages, asset and equipment, inspections and inspection observations. You can also keep track of your project tasks and activities. And, not to forget, you get support for net regulations. This is so important, as regulations are part of every network business.”

Another new module, Digital Signing, automates the process of signing reports and documents between different stakeholders. This will automate and speed up many processes, such as when signing up a new customer.

“The Digital Twin makes our customer’s everyday working life easier. This is how to take a huge leap to a truly digitalized business, trusting that you will deliver a top-quality service for end-customers”, Magnus summarizes.

Release 10.2 is available now. User experience and further technical enhancement to the Digpro Platform are also included. Read the release highlights, and for the complete compilation, login to our support portal Topdesk.

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