Staffanstorp selects dpCom for the advanced fiber network support and the intuitive user interface

Staffanstorp has chosen dpCom to live up to their principle “We enhance the fiber networks of Staffanstorp to match the infrastructure of the future today”. Staffanstorp, which is situated in the south of Sweden, is one of the country’s most rapidly expanding municipalities. A host of houses and businesses are being built, and the fiber networks have to be developed and deployed to provide top-quality digital connectivity. Sara Boke Olén is Fiber Network Manager at Staffanstorp Fibernät AB, and responsible for providing the residents of the municipality with more or less unlimited internet access.

Sara Boke Olen
Sara Boke Olén, Fiber Network Manager at Staffanstorp Fibernät AB, selected dpCom in order to enhance the quality of the digital support for her team. In the long run, this means better connectivity for the residents in Staffanstorp.

”We are a relatively small organization, and we must have access to the same information regarding our fiber network in order to have control of it. This to support each other, and ensure that the residents of Staffanstorp have digital connectivity at all times. Thereby, we need to know everything about our fiber network – what is dug down, where it is dug down, as well as what we have in cabinets and wells. We need to know in what condition our objects are in, which switches that are available, and where maintenance is called for. Should any restoration be required, we will now see in dpCom where this is, and what actions to take. Our field engineers will know where to go and what measures to take when they get there. It all comes down to refining our processes, and ensuring the so important operation of the fiber network”, Sara relays.

Currently, Staffanstorp have engaged entrepreneurs to collate the data of their fiber network for them. This data will be entered to dpCom as soon as possible.

”The information that this data comprises of is invaluable in a functioning system – and utterly useless unless put into practice. And in dpCom, it will work to our advantage”, Sara ascertains. “The system we had prior to dpCom required a lot of manual work, for which we simply do not have the resources. dpCom, on the other hand, has a visual user interface which clarifies our fiber networks. It is intuitive, smooth and easy to use.”

dpCom will also be used for planning the further development of the fiber network in Staffanstorp.

”For the planning, there are further advantages with dpCom”, Sara declares. “We can easily extract data related to the fiber network. This data will be presented to the board of Staffanstorp Fibernät AB, as well as for the politicians that are responsible for the housing development. Visual data is easy to understand. In a comprehensive manner, we will show where there might be a lack of capacity which must be counteracted for, and motivate how to get the resources to execute improvements.”

Staffanstorp offers all residents high speed internet connection via their open access network, whether living in urban or rural parts of the municipality. Do you want to learn more about what dpCom can do for your fiber network? Contact Joel Pirard, VP Sales Telecom.  

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