Digpro ingår partnerskap med Obelisk

Digpro are delighted to announce their recent partnership with Irish based company Obelisk offering proven capabilities to Design, Survey, Build and Maintain for both Mobile and Fixed network deployments.

Obelisk’s UK Managing Director Jeremy Sheehan had this to say regarding the partnership ‘’Obelisk is delighted to have selected Digpro as its technology partner for the design of FttP networks in the UK. When we set out to assess the market for an FttP Software Design platform we had several specific criteria we needed to meet. It had to have the capability and rigour to allow for the design of “Carrier Grade” FttP networks. It also had to deliver on survey, design, build work management, and documentation functionality with full mobility.
Digpro’ s comprehensive technology platform meets all of the Obelisk criteria and has now been fully proven across our activities in the AltNet Fibre to the Premise market. We are delighted with our decision and are looking forward to working with Digpro on future projects’’

CEO of Digpro, Jonas Vestin also had this to add ”The UK and Ireland are strategic markets for Digpro and we are proud to announce our partnership with Obelisk. A partnership that will allow us to combine forces in these markets with the state-of-the-art Network Lifecycle Management software by Digpro and leading design service by Obelisk. Together, we will provide the fibre network operators of the UK and Ireland with systems and services to plan, design, build, and operate future-proof networks for a smarter society infrastructure.”

Obelisk and Digpro together will now empower and digitalize field crews on the ground in a way not seen before in Ireland or the UK.
Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and website to see how the partnership and projects are progressing!

About Obelisk:

Obelisk are an Irish based company established since 1996. They have the proven capabilities to Design, Survey, Build and Maintain for both Mobile and Fixed network deployments. To date, Obelisk have completed fixed-line fibre roll-out to over 40,000 homes in various towns in Ireland and the UK.

Obelisk provides solutions and resources across telecommunications, power transmission and distribution, renewable energy, and tower infrastructure. Obelisk have continually trained and invested in its workforce and are planning to deliver more than 20,000 Fibre to the Premise homes for various Independent Network Operators (INOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) operating in the UK AltNet market sector.


Jeremy Sheehan, Obelisk
Jarlath Finnegan, CEO Obelisk and Jeremy Sheehan, Managing Director UK, Obelisk


About Digpro:

Digpro’s GIS-based software solutions for utilities and telecom empower network owners to truly understand and take control of their most complex distribution networks. Building a digital twin of a network allows all stakeholders to always know where the network assets are located, how they are connected, and who the clients are. With functionalities for planning, designing, building, and operations, Digpro offers end-to-end solutions throughout a network’s entire lifecycle.

Founded in 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, Digpro is a Nordic market leader with a growing global presence and strong expansion in the telecom fibre deployment and electrical power distribution segments. Network owners and operators worldwide use Digpro’s software to manage their infrastructure and business processes.

Know your network. Through its lifecycle. Navigated by Digpro.

Jonas Vestin, CEO Digpro
Jonas Vestin, CEO Digpro

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