Release 10.8

Digpro continues to support business processes for the most vital parts of our society: telecom, power, water, gas and heating. With Release 10.8, the long-term commitment to use digitalization and automatization for a smart society, is evident.

Digpro is now launching Release 10.8

In Digpro’s Release 10.8, the primary focus has been to address four of today’s major trends for modern applications: the energy transition, digitalization, usability, and security.

New module – Organizer – Object Security

One of the most important areas for our product investments is security. In this release, we are proud to announce that the module Organizer is enhanced with new capabilities regarding security. Users can now establish permission categories on an object level. This functionality enables precise control over access rights, allowing users to restrict visibility based on specific criteria. For instance, users can ensure that external contractors only have access to designated tasks in Organizer. These contractors will be restricted from viewing objects assigned to other contractors, such as price lists, calculations, and tasks, thereby enhancing data security and confidentiality.


Process Automation

Process Automation is a pivotal module that empowers users to streamline and automate workflows, replacing repetitive manual tasks with efficient digital processes. In Release 10.8, several enhancements that elevate automation capabilities are introduced. A few examples:

  • Event-based gateways – Expanding the range of gateway types for process modeling. This allows users to create more intricate process flows with event-driven decision points.
  • Owner strategy for loops – Can be customized for each user task. This feature determines the owner of an activity when entering a loop in the process.
  • Validation rules – Which ensure the correct configuration of conditions in sequence flows, this for accurate process definitions. These rules improve consistency, correctness, and compliance with BPMN specifications.


Updated to handle different currencies.


A number of enhancements are available, including:

  • dpPower – Operator – Has a completely rebuilt customer tab. The new tab allows for finding previously, currently and future affected customers with more ease than ever – useful not least when in need of announcing.
  • Operator OMM – Allows for using free operations with connection to an object, and also allows for using template texts in combination with the operations. Operator OMM hence takes another step to become a more competent module in terms of planning the work related to outages.
  • dpWebmap – Operator – Dynamic coloring which allows users in both dpWebmap and Organizer Webmap to see which networks that are energized and not, this in real-time.



dpPower has enhanced support in the modules Process Automation and Operator, as mentioned above. There are also several new functions in the module dpPower Analyzer:

  • Energy storage devices – Such as batteries, are now electrically modeled and integrated into the calculations that can be performed in Analyzer. It is also possible to model a limitation of the maximum inverter power on the customer facility site.
  • Production calculation type – Can be run with the ”Historical measurement” and ”Load Profile” load model.
  • Network calculation service and calculation scheduled job – A foundation for these Analyzer server-based calculations has been implemented. Thus, predefined calculations on the server automatically or in the semi-automatic mode (calculations run triggered and queued by a user), can be executed.
  • SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) integration – Supports fetching the open temperature data from the SMHI, as well as storing temperature data in the Analyzer temperature sets.
  • Meter data import – Enhanced with a function that identifies missing data.

All and all, these enhancement work in favor of the area Energy Transition.


A host of advancements for fiber networks, including:

  • New and improved support for logical connections (routed networks) – With the possible to document logical connections where the path of a service does not have an absolute path in the physical network. The logical connections can be visualized in the map, and also in the trace report and schema.
  • UX update for placement of new objects – Numerous enhancements have been implemented for User Experience (UX), particularly focusing on optimizing the process of placing new objects. The number of placement options has been streamlined, and replaced with more adaptive placement mechanisms.
  • Quick View update – Autogenerated schematics have been added to the quick view. The quick view for routes will show cross-sections and for cables and ducts, an end-point view is visible.



Enhancements include:

  • Swedish water regulation P116 – Advanced support for this regulation is available.
  • Risk management – Further enhancements, including several new reports. Pipe ratings from the TV inspection are automatically transferred to a risk parameter for a pipe.
  • Leaking pipes – The broken valve will no longer be suggested, even if it is the closest to the leak. The tracing will instead continue until it finds a working valve.
  • Events and action management – Several enhancements are implemented.


In Release 10.8, the following is included:

  • Fast-Track Emergency Sectioning – This new feature, developed for the pipe model, provides advantages in case of critical and sudden leaks in heating networks.
  • Wideco Integration – Handles leaking alarms from the culvert. The user documentation for risk management, damage reports, and technical lifetime is enhanced and accessible via online help.


For dpGas, the following is included in the new release:

  • Support for pneumatics networks – Was released in 10.6, and has now been further enhanced.
  • Support for technical lifetime management – Including technical lifespan, estimated technical and remaining technical lifespan.

Digpro Platform

User experience

A host of UI/UX enhancements are a long-term initiative. These are included but not limited to, as listed below.

  • Complete UI update – The user interface for the desktop client has had a complete makeover. This includes coloring, icons, separators, and a large number of additional enhancements.
  • Quick view – Introduced in Release 10.6, this function can now also associate commands with the object.
  • Simplify UX for the background map selection – New functionality in the toolbar to change the background map.

Other technical enhancements

  • Security, performance, and scalability – Several enhancements available. For example, post a workset function has been optimized to improve performance, loading of larger configuration files will result in better performance when searching in the sidebar.
  • Reduced user interruptions – Since sessions for the desktop client are now stored in the database. This will also improve the stability and performance.
  • Google Maps – Now support for these maps.

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Release dates

Version 11.0

Freeze date: 2024-09-18

First possible date for customer installation: 2024-11-19