Release 9.4

Including a new module that enables fieldworkers to request permission for future works directly from the field, and many other improvements.

Digpro is now launching release 9.4

Digpro launches the new release of the Network Information System (NIS), Digpro 9.4. With this release, our customers will have even stronger support for their business processes helping them to manage the full lifecycle of their network. 

Usability has become increasingly important and Digpro is working to enhance both the usability as well as the user experience of our products. This is a long-term commitment and we will continue to improve all aspects over time. As a first step, the new release contains improvements in both design and usability. 

To get the users’ perspective, we involved customers throughout the entire development process and collected their feedback. Together, we focused on designing an ergonomic and consistent interface that enhances the user experience. 

As all of our releases, 9.4 also brings some new powerful functionalities. Continue reading about the highlights.


dpWebmap – Work Request

With release 9.4, we are launching a new module, dpWebmap – Work Request. It enables fieldworkers to request permission for future works directly from the field.

The work to manage networks is quite common to be carried out by contractors. These orders are often relatively complex to deal with. Partly because many parties are involved (project manager, designers, operating personnel, connection assistants, electrical safety managers, field technicians, …) and partly because, for electrical safety reasons, they place great demands on the contractor in question to have access to correct information about the network. The goal of dpWebmap – Work Request is to simplify this procedure.


Capital Base Impact

Another new module that comes with 9.4 and is part of  our product Designer is Capital Base Impact – or short CBI. CBI focuses on a project’s impact on the capital base. 

By compiling different types of calculations, you can calculate, for example, a project’s profitability based on its impact on the capital base. By specifying depreciation periods as actual cost you can also analyze what happens to the value of the capital base if the project is postponed x number of years. In the delivery of CBI, there is a pre-specified key indicator – efficiency factor. This key indicator compares the increased value of the capital base with the value lost when objects are demolished and divides it by the cost of the project. A factor above one indicates a profitable project, while a number below one indicates a non-profitable project. This is a general key indicator that is included in the module, it is possible to set up several key indicators according to your organization’s wishes.


Other improvements

Based on feedback from our customers we have done many enhancements. Here are some examples:

  • dpWater: Enhanced handling of TV-inspections, they are now separate objects.
  • dpHeating: Enhancements in risk categorization and possibility to do a forecast for the future.
  • dpGas: The first step to support the new regulations for gas networks.
  • dpCom: Support for open physical infrastructure access. An existing infrastructure from an external network can be imported andused for example as a base for inspections.
  • dpCom: Improved auto-routing for buildings.
  • Net Check: Support for community planning.
  • dpPower: Updated support for FASIT, this functionality is now updated and tested to support our Norwegian customers.
  • Organizer: Now is it possible to do risk analysis of activities. In a risk analysis it is possible to define checkpoints to check the status. It’s also possible to set up templates based on existing risk analysis. You can now configure for which activity types that risk analysis should be possible to do. From Organizer Webmap field staff can easily create new risk analysis based on the defined templates.
  • WorkPlanner. Support for color coding for double bookings of resources.
  • Maintainer: It’s possible to change the inspection plan for an object. You can associate a checklist to an inspection type, later on, you will find it in dpWebmap. In the dynamic report of the inspections, planning is now extended with a filter to include inspection in the future.

The release 9.4 brings many more improvements and enhancements. Please check the detailed release notes that you find in our customer portal.


Release dates

Here you will find the upcoming release dates.

Version 9.6

Freeze date: 2021-03-09

First possible date for customer installation: 2021-04-26

Version 9.8

Freeze date: 2021-09-24

First possible date for customer installation: 2021-11-09