Release 9.6

Digpro continues to support business processes for the most vital parts of our society: power, water, gas, telecom and heating. Two new modules are introduced, over a hundred customer-requested enhancement, a host of functionalities are improved - and much more.

Digpro is now launching release 9.6

With Digpro 9.6, our customer’s business processes can be even more efficient with extensive support for the full network lifecycle. Digpro builds powerful and efficient support for our customers’ business processes, and release 9.6 has more than a hundred customer-requested enhancements and new features.


dpWebmap Offline

Digpro’s powerful mobile client dpWebmap  gives field engineers access to a digital map, as well as to all necessary information for performing the planned or unplanned tasks. dpWebmap Offline is a long-awaited module. Occasionally, work is required in areas where there is no internet access. This can be whilst working underground in urban environments, with electrical power lines in the forest or in rural areas. dpWebmap Offline enables field engineers to work with Organizer Webmap och Maintainer Webmap without internet access. dpWebmap Offline supports two offline scenarios, this for:

  • Performing maintenance activities      
  • Updating network documentation    

dpWebmap can now be used:

  • With internet access – when the field engineer interacts with the Digpro server
  • Without internet access – when the field engineer can perform maintenance activities and update network documentation

When all maintenance activities are performed and network documentation compiled, the information is synchronized with the Digpro server once the field engineer has internet access again.

dpWebmap Operator

dpWebmap Operator is a module for handling power outages directly from the field. It is a completely new module, providing field crew with powerful process support, including:

  • Directing field engineers to where a problem has occurred
  • Verifying the issue, update the operation order
  • Documenting how the problem was solved

By supporting the field engineer during this complete process, interruption times can be reduced and documentation directly updated. dpWebmap Operator supports both planned and unplanned outages. An executed operation can be reported from the field, and the process can be digitally managed. For data accessibility, each company controls how much of the online documentation the respective field engineer is allowed to access. The information can be limited partly on voltage level, and partly on component type. Which functionality field engineers are allowed to use is controlled by their role.


Other improvements

Based on customer feedback, we have enhanced many of our products and their functions, such as:

  •   User interface:
    – Contrast is increased
    – Favorites can be sorted into several favorite lists
    – Menus have been restructured and regrouped
    – Some icons have been updated
  •   Authentication:
    – Support for Google login via OpenID Connect


Geopackage is an open, standards-based, platform-independent, portable, self-describing, compact format for transferring geospatial information. Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral, and land registration authority will start to use the Geopackage standard. The new standard is now supported and can be used as a reference file. It can also be used as background maps.


Further examples include:

dpWater: The first step for supporting elevation profile for heights (z-axis) is introduced.

dpHeating: Documentation and management of micro-production is possible.

dpGas: Schematics can be generated.

dpCom: A number of improvements, including:

  • A midspan automation tool is developed.
  • More intelligent ways of finding a connectable route are implemented.
  • The tool for documenting floor plans is improved.

dpPower: Calculation based on the REN cost catalog is enhanced (Norwegian market only).

dpWebmap Organizer:  Assignments with decision points from the Organizer Webmap can be completed.

WorkPlanner: A host of refinements, including:

  • Bookings directly on a resource, both personal resource and machine resource, can be done. For personal resources, there are two types of bookings:
    – not available
    – available on standby  
  • The workflow for a task can be edited directly in WorkPlanner. It is possible to:
    – Create new activities and milestones
    – Change the sorting order
    – Edit the time planning for existing work steps and additional resource needs

Netcheck: Export capabilities are improved.

Maintainer: The following maintainer objects are now semi-automatic:

  • Inspection
  • Inspection remark
  • Action for inspection remark
  • Inspection checklist
  • The free remarks
  • The document linked to remarks

Thus, should an inspected object be posted, these maintainer objects are automatically posted when created. Should the inspected object only exist in the changeset, these maintainer objects end up in the changeset as well.

Detailed release notes are published on our support portal Topdesk. If you don’t have a login, please contact


Release dates

Here you will find the upcoming release dates.

Version 9.8

Freeze date: 2021-09-22

First possible date for customer installation: 2021-11-08