Release 10.2

Digpro continues to support business processes for the most vital parts of our society: telecom, power, water, gas and heating. With Release 10.2, the ability to further enhance the Digital Twin is in focus.

Digpro is now launching Release 10.2

Digpro’s Release 10.2 introduces new modules and features, all related to our extensive support for business processes and network lifecycle management. The already useful Digital Twin can be set up from many different perspectives, with the ability to get a digital visualization of both business processes and the network lifecycle. This helps for short- mid- and long-term planning of network infrastructure. These highlights include three new modules and a few examples of enhanced functionalities.

New modules

In Release 10.2, the new modules Process Automation, dpPower – Data Warehouse and Digital Signing are introduced. 

Process Automation

Digpro Process Automation is supporting hyper automation, which was mentioned as one of Gartner’s top strategic technology trends for 2022. With the module, a framework to handle automated activities in a workflow is introduced. Desktop tasks that previously were handled manually can be automized. Areas including:

  • Workflow studio – where workflows are graphically modelled
  • Automation engine – which will execute workflows

dpPower – Data Warehouse

With Digpro Data Warehouse, it is possible to perform multi-dimensional business analyses. The module provides an overview of all the business statuses, including:

  • Outages
  • Asset and equipment
  • Inspections and inspection observations
  • Project tasks and activities
  • Support for net regulation

Data Warehouse comes with a number of pre-designed data models. The information in these models has been compiled and transformed from the operational database into fact and dimension tables. The models include information from different parts of dpPower. With a business intelligence tool, searchable graphics and dashboards can be built, giving details for analyses.

Digital Signing

The module Digital Signing automates the process of signing reports and documents between different stakeholders.



Introducing more advance capabilities in the network model for passive equipment. It is possible to describe for example splice boxes and x ODFs in more detail, making the Digital Twin even more accurate. It will also result in improved reports and build instructions. A number of smart functions to increase efficiency in designing and creating new networks, for example:

  • Interaction of route objects with the background map.
  • Smart function to connect cables with equipment in feeding nodes.
  • Possibility to cluster customer nodes in several hierarch levels and easy to edit and redistribute customer nodes within the cluster.


Possibilty to see the energization status of customer meters based on the meter alarms in the module dpWebmap – Operator. Thereby, field engineers using the module can verify that all meters are in fact energized before leaving the location of an outage. The same symbols have been introduced in the desktop client, for consistency.
In the module Workplanner, new resources overview per resource, makes it easy to understand the situation and easy to make changes.


  • New format, TV4 for TV inspections.


  • Enhanced post checks controls.
  • A new general function in dpWebmap that summarizes the energy for heating central.

Digpro Platform

A host of UI/UX-related and other technical enhancements, including but not limited to, as listed below.

User experience

The user experience is a long-term initiative. Some enhancements are:

  • Filtering in the map product tree so that only components visible in the current view are displayed.
  • Instructions at the mouse pointer to indicate what the user is supposed to do.
  • Menus and sub-menus will be grayed out if all functions are disabled.

Other technical enhancements

  • Added support for Bing Maps tiles in the Java client (requires a license/API key for Bing maps).
  • Added support reading groups from Azure AD using OpenID Connect which makes user administration easier.
  • Reconstructed online help.

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Release dates

Version 10.4

Freeze date: 2023-03-08

First possible date for customer installation: 2023-04-24