Enhanced support for processes and improved functionalities in the 9.8 Release

Digpro continues to support utility networks for the most vital parts of our society: fiber and telecom, power, heating, gas and water. In Release 9.8, improvements in a host of functionalities and the user interface, as well as business processes and routines are further digitalized and automated. With two new modules, network owners can quickly reach registered recipients with correct and relevant information. This provides invaluable support during for example planned or unplanned outages. 

A release promoting digital maturity

Magnus Sjökvist, Head of Product Management at Digpro, is pleased with the outcome: “To digitalize businesses and organizations is so much more than only creating a digital environment. You also need to know why you do it. With process automation, relevant information is accessible without delays, thus saving time when planning projects.  We also have the new modules, which support network owners in critical situations, by keeping end-users up to date with relevant information.” 

Support during outages

With the modules Core Announcement and Auto Announcement, notifications can be sent to receivers via multiple channels. A number of predefined messages, which also can be manually edited, are sent according to designated circumstances. During outages, for example, network owners need to keep end-customers informed. For a planned outage, end-customers will be notified in good time, understanding why it happens and when it will be over. Hence, end-customers can take necessary precautions during the announced time. Should an unplanned outage occur, both end-customers and in-house staff are immediately notified. 

“This enhances our outage management system support, and saves a lot of time for in-house staff. An outage can be stressful for everyone involved, but with automated processes and carefully worded messages saved in editable templates, the situation can be handled in a smooth manner”, Magnus summarizes.   

Release 9.8 also includes enhancements in all products, improved user experience and interoperability. It is available from 8 November 2021. Further information is found here (login required). Read the blog Solving electric outages with the support of a Digital Twin to learn more about how Digpro’s systems support network providers in an efficient manner during outages.

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